Clear Code Serialization Solution

Created by 3C! to Save our Customers Valuable Package Real Estate without Compromise

Clear Code is 3C! Packaging’s next-generation coating system proven to significantly enhance the customer serialization and coding experience. By employing a low or high wattage CO2, fiber, or Yag laser, and a proprietary color change technology, 3C! is able to offer high-contrast imaging on a colorless coating.

3C! Packaging has redefined the field of serialization with CLEAR CODE. At its core, CLEAR CODE is a clear laser imaging coating solution that optimizes production line speeds while enhancing visual quality.

The CLEAR CODE solution prides itself on being easy, efficient, and advanced. With it’s low-maintenance needs, the solution fits seamlessly into production lines, as well as being applicable to almost any packaging substrate. The increased speed enhancing reliability & decreased energy requirements provides customers with minimized laser dwell times. This efficiency also eliminates excessive particulates that traditionally are created from the laser ablation process.

From a post-production standpoint, CLEAR CODE allows buyers the capability to increase their marketing charm & print real estate by eliminating the traditional black box. The product’s increased contrast, quality, and durability push CLEAR CODE to the top of a clients list for serialization needs. CLEAR CODE allows for imaging under protective coatings and laminated substrates.

  • Provides superior clarity, contrast, and resolution of the final image with a fully validated process
  • Delivers superior scuff resistance and image adhesion vs. competitive approaches
  • Allows for more efficient, eco-friendly, & cost effective process than current technologies
  • Compatible with the industry’s widest choice of suitable substrates, from folding cartons and inserts, to labels and tyvek
  • Enables future integration of ID smart codes and variable marketing data
  • Compatible with all laser technologies including low and high wattage CO2, fiber, and Yag Lasers
  • Preffered laser imaging coating by industry leading laser equipment and OCR vision system companies

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The Advantage is Clear

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